ELIMEX has been operating in the market of electronic components since 2000. The priority area is the components of power electronics. We supply components for use in electric vehicles, power supplies, devices of powerful electric drives, etc.

Our field of activity includes domestic and imported power semiconductor devices (diodes, thyristors, modules) for currents from 10 to 4000 A, coolers for them, varistors, powerful resistors and capacitors, which are in a wide assortment available in stock. It is possible to supply devices with a special selection of parameters.

We offer imported varistors of various designs, which replace obsolete and inaccessible domestic components. We also offer a wide range of modern imported power electronics capacitors, which are successfully used both in new technology and as a replacement for a number of domestic types.

Many years of experience allows us to accurately select replacement for obsolete and discontinued products, changing them to imported or modern domestic, to give advice on the most difficult technical issues. At the same time, we guarantee reliable operation of components for any of the replacement options.

Given the various directions of development of modern technology, we offer modern, promising solutions, both for new equipment and for repair and modernization of existing equipment. We prefer the best combination of price and quality.

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